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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Football in my life

I haven't blogged a lot about football this season.  Let's be honest, I haven't blogged a lot about anything.  
Wyatt has been playing Quarterback for his freshman team.  Kinda shocking to us since he had played safety for the past 5 years.   It's fun watching him play a new position.  He loves it and he is doing great, especially since it's his first year playing this position.  Last weeks game was his best game yet.  His team won 48-0.  He played the whole game except the last 3 minutes.  He ran the ball for an extra 2 points and ran the ball for a touchdown as quarterback.  He was apart of every touchdown in the game.  This was one proud mama.  Wyatt was one happy boy after the game.  Wyatt had a lot of support from family too.  Thaynes parents, Sam, Zach, Oakley, Jess and myself were great cheerleaders.   
Let's home tomorrow's game and Thursday game goes well too.  

Oakley was there in team colors cheering for her uncle Wyatt 

As you can see Wyatt had a big smile after the game.  Oakley was screaming because she got too close to her great grandpa Dennis.  (She cries when she gets too close to Dennis and Dianne) we are working in that. 

And how about these dog tags I made myself to wear to the games.


Nancy said...

Oakley is a little cutie. Love the colors and your dog tags.

Nancy said...

Oh, and congrats to Wyatt....