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"You can't run away from trouble, there ain't no place that far"


Lets Talk about Me

Nosey aren't you!  Hahahaha

When I figure out the whole "who am I" thing, I will let you know.  I thought I had it figured out but then I turned 40 and well, I turned 40.  Nuff said.

I do have 4 great kids who crack me up, drive me nuts, make me tired, and make me proud.   I enjoy watching them grow up and am so glad they aren't embarrassed to hang out with me.  

I am married to a handsome guy and after 20 years still trying to figure out the marriage thing.  He travels and earns money and I raise play with the kids.  I guess you can say I am a weekend wife, not exactly the way I like it.

I blog so I don't forget the memories and so my kids can look back and know that when their kids put food under couch cushions, and cut their own hair, and draw all over the walls with marker, and break a school record, and score their first touchdown, and dance in their first recital, that they are just normal kids and all they need is to be loved.  ♥